Part-Time CFO Services

Part-Time CFO Services in Toccoa, GA

business team working together in officeIn a traditional business, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the top financial strategist. He or she spends decades developing financial insight and a deep understanding of business drivers. The CFO's job is to ensure the business's underlying financial health and move it consistently toward growth. We help you take your business to the next level with insightful and effective strategies.

Many small and mid-sized firms don't have the resources for a full-time CFO, but they still want to achieve financial excellence. That's where the part-time CFO comes in. With Fields Accounting & Consulting, LLC in Toccoa, you get the services and experience you need without having to hire a full-time employee. Plus, you can minimize overhead by only paying for the services you need. Call us today for a consultation!

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Our Comprehensive Services

Versatility is the hallmark of a good CFO. That begins by meeting with you and learning your goals. We offer a full suite of advanced services and make recommendations that support you every step of the way. We provide all of the following with our part-time CFO services:

How Budgeting and Forecasting Can Help Your Business

Every business needs a budget. Your budget is an essential tool that tells you if you're going in the right direction. Our team examines your financial records to gain insight into your cash flow, expenses, and possible investments. Once a budget is confirmed, forecasting is possible.

Financial forecasting is a valuable tool. It's one of the most important ways a CFO supports executive decisions. On the most basic level, forecasting is an estimate of future income and costs. That helps with the development of balance sheets and other documents. On a deeper level, forecasting empowers the executive team to act strategically, as well as:

  • Recognize opportunities to improve processes and reduce costs
  • Understand how different areas of the business affect cash flow
  • Plan ahead for future capital investments or cost-heavy initiatives

As the name suggests, accurate forecasting is predicting business development. By ensuring your finances support your goals, you can move confidently toward your market targets.

The Importance of Cash Flow and Revenue Management

financial analyst working in officeCash flow and revenue management are two critical concepts for your company's long-term health. Cash flow is the total amount of money "flowing" into and out of your business, and revenue management involves maximizing growth by aligning with the market. Revenue management touches on all aspects of your business. It enables you to optimize product availability and price based on the behavior of customers in your market.

Practicing revenue management maximizes the business impact of high-demand periods. It also lets you stimulate demand in low-demand times. It is strategic and takes the long view in all market conditions. With that, you can outmaneuver competitors over time.

Because it takes so many different factors into account, revenue management looks different for every industry. Only an experienced CFO with discipline and foresight can apply it. At Fields Accounting & Consulting, LLC, we strive to understand your business inside and out.

Key Performance Indicator Analysis

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the measurable metrics that show financial performance. To win support from investors and lenders, KPIs need to be established and measured regularly. A part-time CFO helps you plan data collection and reporting mechanisms for your KPIs. With a full KPI analysis, opportunities to improve your business become more attainable. KPI analysis puts your business on track in several ways:

Understand Where Employees Can Do Better: Finance KPIs don't exist in a vacuum. KPIs can educate stakeholders throughout your business. Every member of your team can recognize where they contribute to finances. Employees will know how to improve, and you'll see if they're on track.

Find Processes That Are Slowing You Down: Several processes can bring your finances to a stop. For example, customers may owe you funds that get stuck in accounts receivable for months. KPI analysis puts you on track to recognize the weak spots. Changes in one area can transform the rest.

Re-Evaluate Vendor Agreements: No business is an island, and they will all have complex, long-term relationships with others. Finance KPIs help you look at contracts in a new way. That begins with vendors. Are they contributing to your bottom line on terms that make sense for you?

Attract and Retain Favorable Funding: KPIs give you the hard numbers to attract a portfolio of funding sources. Finance KPIs show your positive trajectory, so others know you are a good bet. Savvy investors and bankers want to see you handle your business with financial precision, and our services can help.

Financial Analysis and Modeling

finance team going over graphsFinancial analysis shines a light on the profitability of a business or project. It helps determine financial stability and liquidity while deciding whether to invest. Revenues and profits are the foundation of economic analysis. Still, sound financial modeling needs to go further. Turnover in accounts receivable and inventory must be included, as well as detailed information on debt to equity, assets, and liability.

Financial analysis unites day-to-day performance and the big picture of capital performance. It is essential to making sure you're speaking the language of investors who can help you thrive. Once fundamental factors are recorded and analyzed, financial modeling becomes possible.

Financial modeling enables businesses to predict the effects of various decisions. That makes it one of the most effective ways for leadership teams to weigh courses of action. Even complex decisions can become much easier to understand.

Specialized Financial Projects

The finance function adds the most to your bottom line when it is integrated with your whole business. Many of your most ambitious projects will require special financing to bring to life. Fields Accounting & Consulting, LLC can adapt to a company's changing needs. We will develop a financial strategy that clears the path for your project.

You might find yourself in need of special funding for capital equipment, a new office, or a product roll-out. Each of these scenarios presents different financial challenges. We illuminate the underlying financials and then find the right sources for you.

Insurance and Bond Management

financial advisors working with financial documentsAs a business grows, insurance often becomes a significant part of its overhead. You may need a great deal of insurance to protect employees from liability and safeguard your assets. A CFO can advise on the minimum required premiums to supply adequate coverage to meet your anticipated needs. A bond is a debt investment between investors and your enterprise, and they can be a compelling alternative to a conventional loan from a bank.

For the maximum value, all the details need to be planned out. In issuing bonds, it's crucial to make the right trade-off. As with insurance, it's a matter of managing risk. Interest rate risks, default risks, and prepayment risks are all part and parcel of bond issuance. No matter whether you're issuing bonds yourself or investing in them, you need a CFO who can spot potential problems and steer you onto the right course. With appropriate bond management, you get the benefits of bonds and keep the downsides in check.

How a CFO Handles Taxes

When you have complex tax issues to deal with, there's nobody better to take care of them than an experienced professional. Our approach is proactive, working throughout the year. That means you never get caught by surprise when it comes to taxes.

At Fields Accounting & Consulting, LLC, we equip clients to reduce their tax burdens in safe, legal ways. That's called tax planning, and it can save businesses thousands or even millions of dollars. We're always alert to the latest tax code changes that may affect you. Tax planning for businesses is very different than it is for individuals. Your tax situation derives from factors like your industry, headquarters location, and where you do business. Every significant transaction throughout the year can have tax consequences.

business people shaking handsBy optimizing the timing and approach of transactions, we can help you substantially reduce tax burdens. That keeps more of your revenue in hand so you can reinvest it. Tax reporting is crucial for protecting your business, and when inaccurate, it can lead to stiff fines. If they are late or contradictory, you may find yourself facing an audit. We work diligently to see that your reporting is impeccable. Our tax documents reflect the highest accounting industry standards.

Simplifying Excise Taxes

Excise taxes are levied only on particular goods, services, and activities. Alcohol, tobacco, and gasoline are three items with excise taxes. Excise taxes are often confusing. If your business is liable for these, you may have to file IRS Form 720. Form 720 is submitted quarterly by any company that collects excise taxes and is notoriously complex. It provides opportunities for various credits and refunds. Fees associated with excise tax can also change suddenly and unexpectedly.

Our team understands the excise tax. We will develop a strategy specifically for your business. Our goal is to reduce your tax obligation and make excise taxes as easy as possible for you. You can meet your excise tax requirements and stay focused on what matters in your business.

Reliable, Professional Part-Time CFO Services

You don't need to be a Fortune 500 to benefit from CFO services. Fields Accounting & Consulting, LLC brings the experience and skills you need, along with a dedication to helping your business grow. Whether you need a CFO for a month, a quarter, a year, or indefinitely, we are here for you. To find out more or get started, contact us today.

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